Rosslyn Johnson - New Zealand Artist

Welcome to my website. My name is Rosslyn Johnson and I paint artworks from the beauty I see in nature and also in colourful urban streetscapes.

In New Zealand, where I live, there is an amazing diversity of native flora and fauna as well as breathtaking scenes of mountains, lakes and beaches. My phone is always with me as I travel, both in New Zealand and overseas, to record on camera new scenes to paint. My challenge is to capture the vibrant colours of scenes that catch my eye, from the mult-coloured houses of Mediterranean countries to the lakes, mountains and beaches and native birds of New Zealand that inspire me. I hope you enjoy this journey.

Exhibition done and dusted

October 31, 2022
Our Evoke Art Collective Exhibition was well attended over the weekend and every artist had some sales. This was our second one and we had some very positive comments about it. There was a wide variety of subjects and styles. Check out Evoke Art Collective's Facebook page to see photos of the exhibi...
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